Jason Witten, Cowboys Cheerleader Collide On Sideline

WATCH: Jason Witten Catches Pass And Then A Cowboys Cheerleader

There is certainly something alluring about those cheerleaders in Dallas. Just two weeks ago, Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson celebrated a touchdown by jogging across the field to hand Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich the football as part of his celebration.

Reich -- who reveals in her bio at the Cowboys' website that she can hold Skittles in her dimples -- is dating Nelson, so the gift of the football made some sense. Of course, Dallas owner Jerry Jones still might not have been pleased to see one of his star-adorned ladies cavorting with the opposition.

Perhaps inspired by Nelson's friendliness with the cheer squad, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten got up close and personal with Melissa Kellerman during Dallas' Thanksgiving win over the Miami Dolphins. Flashing across the middle of the field on a third down early in the fourth quarter, Witten latched onto a pass from Tony Romo. As he reached the far sideline, Witten was tackled at the legs by a Dolphins defender. As he falls to the ground, Witten grabbed onto Kellerman and pulled her down as well.

Thankfully, she popped up with a smile on her face and seemed to be unharmed. If Witten really wanted to get to know Kellerman then he might be better off taking her to the Olive Garden than just tackling her on the sideline. According to her own bio at the Cowboys cheerleaders' website, her favorite meal is "pasta and breadsticks."

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