Cat Missing Her Mandible Gets Extra Special Adoption Listing

We love you, Jawths!

If they gave awards for fantastic cat adoption ads, this one would take first place.

It's for a sweet cat named Jaws, who was picked up as a stray in Sydney, Australia, about two months ago.

Jaws is friendly, playful, loving -- and missing part of her mandible, which makes her a bit of a messy eater, and also gives her the world's cutest smile.

"That’s the biggest impact of her funny little mouth," Jessica Conway, RSPCA NSW spokesperson, told The Huffington Post. "She’ll also need a family that’s happy to give her a brush and a bit of a cleanup with a damp face washer, too, as she isn’t able to groom herself as well as she otherwise would."

Bizarrely, however, Jaws wasn't attracting much attention from potential adopters. So the RSCPA of New South Wales came up with this amazing adoption listing, that capitalizes on Jaws' distinctively compelling qualities.

"Like all our animals, we try to find what makes them special, and share it with the world," Conway said. "We are celebrating this 'difference' as what makes her so special and unique."

Hello there, my name ith Jawths.

I wath brought into the thelter ath a thray cat. Luckily thumone thpotted me when I thruggling to eat, and quickly thaw thumthing was mithing. They took me to the local vet hothpital, and I was tranthferred to the R-ETH-P-THEE-A.

When the vet thaw me, he thaw that half my bottom jaw wath mithing, cauthing my tongue to hang out and for me to have thith wonderful lithspe.

I am definitely a thpecial needth cat, and will need thumone thuper thpecial to care for me. Bethide from my tongue hanging out, I'm actually a pretty normal cat, loving to play, chathe toyth and loving chin thratcheth.

Pleath come and adopt from me from Thydney Thelter!

If you like it too, which we expect you will, reach out to the RSPCA NSW.

The shelter is amenable to working with potential adopters who aren't in Australia, if it means getting Jaws where she belongs -- in a home where she'll be loved, appreciated and given a her rightful daily helping of hugth and kitheth. 

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