Jesus Statue Survives Typhoon Haiyan's Destruction In The Philippines (PHOTO)

LOOK: Statue Of Jesus Survives Typhoon Devastation

As Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines, it caused destruction on an unprecedented scale, tearing up homes and causing families to flee its violent path.

However, one survivor continued to stand tall with arms outstretched-- a giant statue of Jesus Christ that escaped unscathed from the natural disaster.

jesus christ on calvary

Though Haiyan erased entire towns from the map, Jesus remains upright, casting a protective gaze over the coastal town of Tanauan, in the central Philippines.

Pope Francis urged Catholics worldwide to pray for the victims of the typhoon that ravaged the Philippines, which has the largest number of Catholics in Asia.

The preservation of the statue has served as a symbol of hope to those still struggling to survive the typhoon's wounds, which left around 5,000 dead, according to recent death tolls.

Miracle, or simply coincidence?

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