President Biden, Executive Actions And Trump's Impeachment: Views From HuffPost Readers

Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
In a recent poll, one of HuffPost members’ top-requested features was a roundup of reader comments.
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Every week, HuffPost editors read your comments on our top stories and highlight those that cut through the noise and make us think, help us see things from a different perspective, start conversations or even change our minds.

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One battle won, the war against ignorance and hate is never done. Celebrate today. Get ready to continue the fight tomorrow.”

—Kathy C.

“Welcome! Let us hope & pray that we can return to normalcy in governing and finally rid ourselves of the hateful past four years.”

—Jeannette Schiavone

“Yes you were fooled. A marketing effort was launched. The question is will you learn who targeted you.”

—Tyrone Mason

“This is just unbelievably sad. Somewhere along the line these people lost the ability to separate truth from lies, reality from delusional fantasy.”

—Cheri Neri

“An excellent start. What a difference between a real president and a reality tv president.”

—t c

“A president that cares about more than himself will be a welcome change.”

Courtenay Smith

“The modern GOP is unfit to govern. Let us never forget that. They would gladly lead us into civil war and dictatorship.”

—Roger Salyer

“If one resigns, they should all resign. They were all responsible as the crowd felt empowered by being backed by high profile politicians.”

—Jerry Michaelson

If he skates, it sets a precedent that you can wield the powers of the presidential office to incite insurrection. I don’t think we should go there, do you?”

—B Church

“No unity without accountability. Full stop!”

—Jax Audette

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