Jonathan Payne's 'Fleshlette' Sculptures Are So Disgusting You Can't Look Away

Nightmarish Sculptures Fuse Different Body Parts, And We Can't Look Away

Artist Jonathan Payne mixes body parts like a mad scientist. His grotesqueries -- and we mean that in a good way! -- fuse genitals, breasts, fingers, teeth, tongues and more into horrific mutations that look absolutely real. He calls them "Fleshlettes."

"The human body is familiar and beautiful and yet also wonderfully bizarre," Payne told The Huffington Post "Fleshlettes are a way for me to re-examine our unique qualities from a new and unfamiliar angle."

The sculptures are made from polymer clay, acrylics and hair, but we'll understand if your imagination wanders to a more sinister conclusion.




penis boob

You can check out more of Payne's work here.

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