This Man Is Trying To Find 'Mike,' The Stranger Who Stopped Him From Committing Suicide In 2008

Six years ago, Jonny Benjamin almost jumped off the Waterloo Bridge in London.

The then-20-year-old had just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, according to a blog post he wrote for The Huffington Post UK on Thursday. Benjamin wrote that he couldn't come to terms with the diagnosis, so he decided to end his life.

But before he jumped, a passerby approached him, according to Rethink Mental Illness, an organization that provides support to people with mental illnesses and for which Benjamin is now an ambassador.

"[The man] was saying to me, 'Please don't do this, mate,'" Benjamin told BBC Radio 4. "'You can get through it. You can get better. Let's go for a coffee and talk it over.'"

The distraught 20-year-old climbed back over the bridge's railing, where authorities were waiting to take him to a local hospital.

Now, Benjamin, who's since learned how to manage his mental illness, is on a mission to find the good Samaritan he calls "Mike" -- he can't remember if that's his name. Benjamin has started a #findMike social media campaign with Rethink Mental Illness, so he can thank the man who saw a stranger in need and acted.

"He was the first person to give me hope," Benjamin states in the video above. "His words actually prompted my recovery."

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Benjamin told the BBC that he also wants to get people talking about suicide, an issue he thinks society tends to ignore.

"Hopefully it will promote a message of hope and recovery," he told the station, "that you can overcome any sort of adversities in life."

If you have any information for Benjamin, you can email