Karima El-Mahrough, 'Ruby Heartbreaker,' Steps Out In Vienna For Opera Ball (PHOTOS)

Karima el-Mahrough isn't letting the ongoing media frenzy over her alleged involvement with Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi get her down.

Better known as Ruby Rubacuori or "Ruby the Heartbreaker," the 18-year-old Moroccan dancer debuted a glamorous new look as she stepped out to attend a news conference in Vienna. As Reuters is reporting, Ruby was visiting the Austrian capital to attend Thursday night's Opera Ball on the arm of 78-year-old entrepreneur Richard Lugner, whose previous dates are said to have included Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. Austrian media have reported Lugner is paying Ruby 40,000 euros ($55,452) for her Opera Ball appearance.

Ruby seemed poised and confident as she spoke to reporters while accusing the Italian media of misrepresenting her. "There's going to be a trial...and I hope that over the course of the proceedings the truth will come to light -- I'm very hopeful about that," she said through a translator, according to the Associated Press. She took the opportunity to once again slam allegations that she worked as escort girl. "There's no evidence that I was ever paid for such services -- it's simply not true."

But for her future plans, Ruby insisted she was most looking forward to putting fame and fortune aside for a new role: housewife. "I just want to be the Ruby I was before all this and lead a normal life," she said.

See photos of Ruby's appearance with Lugner here:

Ruby Steps Out