Katie Knows What You're Thinking

For those (including Katie Couric) who think criticism of her is sexist in nature, here's a clue: Monday's Howard Kurtz interview with Ms. Couric is replete with quotes that exemplify what one might call the Couric Problem:

Just because people have tired of this war doesn't mean we should stop covering it. You wrestle with it on a nightly basis. Of course, people are obsessed with the [presidential] campaign right now. That's something we have to be on guard against, neglecting Iraq. It's obviously hugely important for this country, even if people have slightly lost interest.

"I think people have pretty much lost interest in my love life."

For someone who spends the vast majority of her day (and days) inside the cocoon of West 57th Street, it's amazing she knows that much about what "people" think. Too bad Walter Cronkite wasn't as psychic.

A suggestion: knowing more about what's important, and newsworthy, might be a better use of the brain cells currently occupied with poll results.