Keanu Reeves' Photographs In GQ Are One Big Thirst Trap For Twitter

The "John Wick" actor sent fans into a tizzy on social media with a black-and-white photo spread.

Keanu Reeves has been doing slow-motion backbends into our hearts since the ’90s, so you can imagine the sheer delight he brought to social media when images from a new GQ photo shoot came to light.

Accompanying a piece titled “The Legend of Keanu Reeves” that talks about the actor’s third “John Wick” film, reclusive behavior, and mysterious persona is a series of stunning black-and-white images of Reeves by Daniel Jackson.

Also notable, the piece indicates that Reeves had a cold ― much like Frank Sinatra once did ― and that his cough sounded “like somebody punching their way out of a paper grocery bag.” Even Reeves’ illnesses are badass.

The images had fans fanning themselves over Reeves’ patchy beard, long hair, and angular cheekbones; it’s mind-boggling to believe that the “Speed” star is 54 when he looks only slightly older than he did decades ago.

If you too want to hop on the thirst-trap bandwagon and worship at the altar of Reeves, please enjoy these horny tweets:

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