The College Basketball Dunk Of The Year Is Here

Well, hello, Kerwin Roach.

There are 10 players on a basketball court, but sometimes, one baller's headstrong desire to go drive right into the heart of the defense trumps whatever else the nine other players may be doing. Texas guard Kerwin Roach tapped into that fearlessness last night on this dunk. 

Playing a home game against UT-Arlington on Tuesday night, Roach dribbled the ball out of pressure from his own restricted area, warded off one defender and simply blew by the rest. That is, until poor UT-Arlington forward Jorge Bilbao -- the last man standing here -- bravely leaped in defiance of Roach's oncoming swarm. Pictoral evidence of Roach's takeoff while Bilbao meekly sticks out his arms gives you a good sense of just how bad this posterization was going to be.  

Let's watch again, for posterity:

OUCH. Bilbao shouldn't feel too bad though. Roach, a 6'3" freshman, has been wowing onlookers with his leaping ability since he stepped on campus. In September, he tweeted this video as a warning shot to the rest of college basketball.

Yes, you saw that correctly -- Roach's hops bring him to the TOP of the freaking backboard.

Get out of this kid's way.  


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