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Kitchen Of 2063 Will Have Hologram Cookbooks And 3D Printed Food (PHOTOS)

50 years from now, dinnertime is going to look a lot different, according to a study commissioned by the Miele appliance company last month. The reason, Miele found, is because the way we prepare our meals is on the evolutionary fast track, with science, art and technology merging together to create a futuristic kitchen they've dubbed, the "Kitchen of 2063."

Fresh Home magazine takes us through some of the features of the forthcoming kitchen design -- a space where we're likely to be cooking from hologram cookbooks, eating a more varied diet and sharing 3D printed food.

Take a look at where the kitchen is headed by 2063 and check out Fresh Home for more details on what the future of food prep holds.

Saturated In Sunlight
2063 kitchen
External walls and roofs will be made of glass-like materials in an effort to harness the sunlight that appliances will run off of. The renewable energy source will also maximize plant growth, allowing for fresh fruits and vegetables at your fingertips.

Hyper-local Produce
2063 kitchen
The Miele survey predicts that with the addition of multi-purpose living walls that allow us to grow our own produce at home, many people will shun supermarkets in favor of fruit and vegetables grown in our own kitchens. Computer systems within these walls will be able to control the speed at which vegetables grow, meaning that if owners head out of town for a week, they can digitally slow the growth of their plants by controlling their metabolism.

Full Steam Ahead
kitchen garden
By 2063, our diets will be lighter and generally more natural, and steaming will be the cooking method of choice. That means kitchens will be equipped with in-counter steamers, or Fresh Home describes, "attractively laid out holes will allow for food to be steamed simply by placing a plate over the steaming perforations." Built-in extractors will then collect the unused steam, transform it to a liquid state and allow for it to be used to water plants or for general water use.

Fresh Fish At Your Fingertips
2063 kitchen
In the kitchen of the future, edible fish and sea vegetation will be home grown with aquariums built into our kitchen walls.

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