Kobayashi Eats 13 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In 1 Minute At SXSW, Sets New World Record (VIDEO)

What kind of festival features Jay-Z and world renowned champion eater Takeru Kobayashi? South By Southwest. Surprise celebrity guests are scattered all around Austin for the media festival (you might even meet the Governor of Texas), but Kobayashi not only showed up, but broke a world record while in town.

On Sunday afternoon, Kobayashi appeared at the GroupMe Grill at SXSW to demolish world record for most grilled cheese sandwiches eaten in one minute. If you've ever seen Kobayashi practice his craft (such as his performances at Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, where he held the world record for gulping down hot dogs for six years), you know what to expect: the Japanese competitive eater blurs the line between masterful artisanship and ritual gorging. He devours 13 in one minute, before inhaling three more just for the hell of it.

We don't know else who will pop up at SXSW (Bill Murray?), but unless they too gobble down grilled cheese, we'll hardly be impressed.

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