Kourtney Kardashian Life & Style Cover Photo 3 Years Old

This week’s cover of Life & Style magazine features Kourtney Kardashian in a bikini, revealing how she got her figure back. However, the image accompanying the article is almost three years old, taken after the birth of Kardashian's first baby. If you want to see what the actress looks like in a bikini now, after baby No. 2, you will have to wait for next week's cover of Us Weekly to hit newsstands.

“That bikini shoot is almost 3 years old after my first baby. For the real reveal after baby #2 check out next week's issue of US ‪@usweekly!” Kardashian tweeted on Wednesday.

Weekly magazines have a long history of using misleading images to support headlines. Several wedding covers of Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart used images of them wearing white dresses from movie sets. The most misleading might be an OK! cover from 2008 with the headline, "Britney Lost 15 Lbs. in Just 4 Weeks!" over an image of entertainer Britney Spears looking svelte in 2003.

“This cover is brilliant,” one magazine insider told The Huffington Post, referring to the Life & Style Kardashian issue. “Life & Style knew Kourtney was selling new images after her baby and knew Us Weekly had secured them. In order to ruin its competitor's exclusive, they went with their own weight loss cover this week. It’s genius. By the time the real [images] appear, it will feel like old news.”

Life & Style did not return calls for comment.

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