Kristen Stewart Seriously Steps Out Of Her Comfort Zone

Wait, but when did she learn to smile?

When we think of Kristen Stewart, we usually think of her in an edgy, all-black outfit. But it looks like the actress has turned over a new leaf.

On Tuesday night, the starlet walked the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie, "American Ultra," and she was wearing sequins. And florals. And heels. Oh my!

The Zuhair Murad creation is a major departure for Stewart, who tends to favor Converse sneakers and a scowl whenever she makes public appearances. Maybe her new look (and attitude) has something to do with all the flak she's recently received from the media for never smiling for the cameras. Whatever the reason, we're just happy to catch a rare glimpse of her teeth.

"Twilight" enthusiasts, don't stress -- Stewart hasn't changed all that much. After all, she was still wearing her signature heavy black eyeliner on the red carpet and we definitely felt her rock 'n' roll style sensibilities shine through, even in her colorful romper.

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