Lake Bell Talks Style: The Red Carpet Is Both A Business And 'The Opportunity For A Fashion Moment'

Lake Bell has become something of a fashion icon, emerging with one of the coolest wedding dresses of all time and always turning up at premieres, runways and parties looking like the very picture of Brooklyn cool.

The "Childrens Hospital" star doesn't take full credit for her look -- "I outsource that sort of creativity to a woman named Danielle Nachmani," a stylist, she said -- but the actress doesn't have to look far for fashion influence.

"My mom's really stylish. My grandma is really stylish," she told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri in a Wednesday conversation. "So I'd probably ask them [for help] if I didn't have Danielle."

But Bell makes no secret that all that glossiness takes effort -- and it isn't always pretty.

"I used to really enjoy [it]," she said. "[But] red carpets are ostensibly work. It's not like I go there to have fun."

In the spirit of taking advantage of "the opportunity for a fashion moment," the "How To Make It In America" star knows how to suck it up and play the part.

"There have been times where you do the red carpet in a certain shoe, and you go into the bathroom, you take that shoe off, you put the other shoe on from your purse and then you walk around for the rest of the night," she said. "[Just] so you understand the business angle of it."

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