Larry Ekstrom, Michigan Man, Skydives 70 Times On His 70th Birthday For Charity (VIDEO)

Larry Ekstrom could have hosted a bake sale or something to raise money for charity. But the Madison, Mich., senior just isn't the type.

Instead, Ekstrom skydived 70 times on his 70th birthday Wednesday, with the proceeds going to the charity Leader Dogs for the Blind. "It's just another milestone and proves somebody can do something," Ekstrom told CBS 6 (video above).

Ekstrom, a metal model maker for GM, told the New York Daily News that he took 10 hours 3 minutes to complete the feat. A crew helped him switch parachutes upon landing, he said, and each jump was from about 2,000 feet.

Ekstrom jumped 60 times on his 60th birthday as a fundraiser for his wife, who has multiple sclerosis, reports say.

But he has a long way to go toward matching Australia's Team Ookoonono, which reportedly completed 150 skydives in 11 hours last January.

Of course, Ekstrom's 60th and 70th celebrations weren't about setting records. They were thrills for a worthy cause. "We had a good time doing it," he told the News.

WATCH the VIDEO above for more on Ekstrom's happy landings.



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