12 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

All that's left to do is find a thoughtful card.
It's not too late to get a gift that'll be a huge hit on Mother's Day.
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It's not too late to get a gift that'll be a huge hit on Mother's Day.

We can’t all be the Leslie Knope to our Marlene Griggs-Knope. Even if there was a worldwide horn that rang a week before Mother’s Day, there would still be a handful of us who would procrastinate finding a special gift for Mom.

Consider this your warning: Mother’s Day is May 12 this year. Even if your mom says she doesn’t want anything, you know you can’t fall for that again. Luckily, there are plenty of gifts that you can buy on Amazon without your mom even knowing that you waited until the last minute. If you have Prime, these items should arrive in less than two days. All that’s left to do is pick up a thoughtful Mother’s Day card. You’re welcome.

Here’s a roundup of 12 last-minute gifts that are sure to please your mom this Mother’s Day. Take a look:

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This ceramic essential oil diffuser that will blend into any room
Essential oil diffusers have come a long way. Gone are the clunky plastic models that require a long plug. The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is made from hand-crafted ceramic stone and features two timer setting and optional light. Pair with your mom’s favorite essential oil and you have a guaranteed winning gift set. Get it on Amazon.
An eye mask that’s almost as good as a weighted blanket
If your mom is a troubled sleeper or has a hard time falling asleep (and staying asleep), she’ll appreciate a gift that’ll help her catch some coveted zzz's. This nodpod weighted eye mask is just the thing to lower her stress, help her relax and ultimately give her better sleep. It’s almost as good as a weighted blanket. Get it on Amazon.
A luxurious way to wake up or wind down
If your mom is looking to revamp her morning or evening routine, then your gifting ends here. Art of Tea has a wide selection of loose-leaf and bagged teas that will suit any mom’s preferences. The Sampler Assortment includes a selection of 12 caffeinated and decaffeinated blends (like Mint Green and Egyptian Chamomile). The pretty packaging is an added bonus to this already flawless present. Get it on Amazon.
A first-class set of packing cubes
Calling all children with a Type Amom. This six-piece luggage packing organizer set is your answer to a relaxed mom while traveling. These cubes store everything from clothes to toiletries to shoes. Best of all, they come in nine colors so you can choose the one that best fits your mom’s style. Get them on Amazon.
This fun bath product that will wake up a boring shower
Let’s face it: Showers aren’t as fun as baths. Enter the Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer, a soap that exfoliates, hydrates and massages parched skin. Essentially, it’s a loofah with sweet-smelling shower gel built into it -- a two-in-one solution that will transform your mom’s shower time into a spa-like experience. Get it on Amazon.
A cooking tool that combats fried food's bad reputation
Giving a kitchen gadget could set off some moms, but if your mom is into cooking, she’ll appreciate the gesture. The Rosewell Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer is a four-in-one machine that grills, bakes, roasts and, of course, fries treats with little to no work. Air fryers are one of the latest gadgets to be all over Instagram. You may be snacking on perfectly crisp fries in no time, if Mom decides to share. Get it on Amazon.
A new way to rest her head at the end of a long day.
Copper pillowcases are one of the latest healthy-sleep trends making a place in the marketplace. The BioPEDIC Beauty Boosting Copper Pillowcase and Pillow set will have your mom waking up more refreshed and perhaps feeling more vibrant and youthful, too. The pillow is hypoallergenic and will support any head at the end of a long day. Get it on Amazon.
A new cookbook from one of America’s leading foodies
Dinner For Everyone” is a simple title that packs a lot of meaning. Mark Bittman’s latest cookbook includes 100 main essential entrees with easy, vegan and celebratory options. The result is a picture-filled masterpiece that will soon become a staple in your mom’s collection. Get it on Amazon.
A cheeky hair care essential that will get a smile out of your mamma
The name says it all: Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo Clean Freak is a guaranteed way to get out of the door quickly and save time in the bathroom washing and styling hair. Pair with a handmade card and maybe a gift card to her favorite blowout shop, too. Get it on Amazon.
An exfoliating mask, because every mom could use another face product
Even if your mom is the beauty queen of all beauty queens, chances are she could use another mask. And if your mom is a minimalist when it comes to products, opening up her eyes to a new line could be a game-changer for her self-care routine. This L'Oreal Pure-Clay Mask is made from quality ingredients and can help shrink the size of pores for ageless beauty. Get it on Amazon.
A superfood that your mom has been meaning to look into
Sometimes the best present is one that your mom wants but may never actually buy for herself. The Reishi Mushroom Powder by Sun Potion is just that. This vegan, immune-boosting supplement has been making its presence known in the past year. This blend can easily be added to smoothies, coffee, oatmeal, soups and more. Get it on Amazon.
A vegan protein drink that she’ll want to take everywhere
Après is the trendy protein-based replenishment drink that has been featured in glossy magazines, including O, The Oprah Magazine and Vogue. Packed with only good-for-you ingredients (think: organic virgin coconut oil, pea protein, chia, hemp), Après is the new go-to beverage for any hustling power woman. And with flavors like Cold Brew Coffee and Mint Cacao, there’s something for every woman. Get a Variety Pack with a sample of flavors to let mom pick her fave. Get it on Amazon.

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