Late Morning Links: NCAA Athletes Sue For TV Revenues, The DEA Wants To Snoop In Your Medical Records, The Drug War-Sponsored Sex Slavery In Afghanistan

-- Virginia police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in a school parking lot is convicted of manslaughter.

-- Judge says NCAA athletes can sue for a cut or revenues from live TV broadcasts. These seems like it could be a pretty big deal.

-- How if feels to be free after 20 years in prison.

-- More drug war collateral damage in Afghanistan, where farmers are indebted to criminal syndicates because NATO troops burned their opium crops. Some are apparently selling their children into slavery. The humanitarian outrage here is bad enough. But it's also hard to see how this is productive in fighting terrorism.

-- This flow chart from Reason is a pretty important part of the immigration debate. It illustrates how telling people to "wait in line" is rather pointless. There simply aren't any lines in which to wait. Especially if you're a low-skilled worker.

-- In response to the painkiller panic, the DEA is claiming it has the authority to snoop in your medical files without a warrant.