'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Interactive Studio Tour Lets Viewers Go Behind The Scenes (VIDEO)

WATCH: Go Behind The Scenes Of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

If you're looking for a new Internet rabbit hole to fall into, the web team of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" has just the answer for you. They put together an seriously excellent interactive tour of the studio, located in NBC's headquarters at 30 Rock.

In the videos, Booner the Page -- who looks suspiciously like Fallon writer Arthur Meyer, one of the minds behind the Fuds menu phenomenon -- brings you through the studio and offices of the show. Check out Jimmy's office, the writers room, the kitchen and of course the "blogger cave," where you meet the excellent web team. And you, the viewer, get to elect where to go, because "Late Night" is nothing if not a democratic experience.

Oh, and there's a yeti on the loose, but the show's resident beekeeper is tracking him down throughout the series. You'll have to watch to see if he catches him.

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