This May Just Be The Cleverest Internship Application Idea Ever

When sending out your internship application, how do you ensure that you stand out in a vast sea of other hopefuls? In Leah Bowman's case, it's all about the Lego.

The 20-year-old Northwestern University student -- and Lego enthusiast -- caused quite a stir on Reddit Wednesday when she posted a photograph of a tiny Lego doppelgänger that she painstakingly created to send out to potential employers in the world of advertising and marketing. "Build the perfect Account Service intern," reads a poster she created to accompany the "Leah Intern" Lego sets.

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"The final products of a weekend of hard work, ready to be sent out," she wrote in a caption accompanying the picture.

Bowman, who plans to graduate from Northwestern in December, told The Huffington Post that the idea for her Lego mini-me first emerged in response to a request by a specific ad agency to "create a piece of persuasive advertising with you as the product" for an application to a summer internship.

"I've been applying to lots of summer internships this spring break," she said over the phone Wednesday. "I wanted to send out something of my own that would really highlight and differentiate me as a candidate."

Bowman said she used Lego's Digital Designer to create a model of her Lego self, before rummaging through her dad's Lego collection to find the parts needed. She then purchased more Lego pieces online to create sets for other internship applications. The whole process took her about 48 hours, she said.

Thus far, Bowman has sent out one of her "Leah Lego" kits, complete with loose Lego pieces, assembly instructions and information about her skills and experience. She says she's yet to hear back from any potential employers.

When asked by another Redditor why she went to such lengths to create something so unique for an internship application, Bowman wrote, "You would not BELIEVE the competition that is out there."

Somehow, we don't think she needs to worry too much.

"If it don't get you your dream job I would be extremely surprised," wrote one Redditor after seeing Bowman's Lego creation.

Another was so confident in Bowman's talents, he posted this photo (below), along with a comment that read, "You'll fit right in in the agency world."

For more on Bowman's "Leah Intern" Lego set, click through this Imgur gallery explaining the young woman's creative process: