Letterman Mocks NYT For Cover Story On The Word "Douche" (VIDEO)

The New York Times ran a front page story this Saturday about the "douche" and its prevelance on television.

"On many nights this fall, it has been possible to tune in to broadcast network television during prime time and hear a character call someone else a 'douche' ... In total, the word has surfaced at least 76 times already this year on 26 prime-time network series, according to research by the Parents Television Council, which compiled the statistics at the request of The New York Times. That is up from 30 uses on 15 shows in all of 2007 and just six instances on four programs in 2005."

Hard hitting journalism at its best. David Letterman was incredulous last night both at the thought of the Grey Lady using front page space for this article and at the misunderstanding of the etymology of the word douche. He made it very clear that neither "douche" nor "douche bag" were vulgar terms when used correctly. "It's an appliance, it's an item, it's a thing...who knew the Times had enough money to pay a guy to count the word 'douche.'"


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