The New York Times

The “culture war Mad Libs can’t distract from the dull coldness at this book’s core," the newspaper's book critic wrote of the Republican Florida governor's memoir.
A GLAAD campaign also is demanding changes from the paper of record.
Hounshell was "a gifted observer of our country’s political scene,” The Times' top editors said.
Retiring Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi pulled no punches in a guest essay for The New York Times, saying his successor's lies “went beyond BS."
The New York Times reported the Long Island Republican misrepresented his education and employment record.
The newspaper’s IT specialists, security guards and sales coordinators — some of whom earn as little as $52,000 a year — strike alongside reporters for better wages.
Unionized staffers are asking readers to show solidarity by not reading the paper ― or playing Wordle.
The strike will empty much of the newsroom as an agreement on compensation remains elusive.
He handed over his weapons and was taken to a local hospital for observation, police said.
“What Greene possesses that Trump so craves is loyalty,” New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper said.