The New York Times

Intelligence officials did not find the alleged plot to pay Afghan militants to attack American troops credible, Trump said.
"The State of Arkansas is very proud of Tom. The New York Times is Fake News!!!" Trump complained in a tweet.
Bennet admitted he did not read a widely excoriated column by Sen. Tom Cotton that advocated for military action against protesters before publishing it.
"What are you guys doing? Our democracy’s on a precipice and you decide to give it a push?" the "Late Night" host asked the newspaper.
The paper's editorial page editor argues that publishing a senator's call for military suppression of protests is necessary for debate. That won't cut it.
New York Times staff members criticized the opinion department for running Republican Sen. Tom Cotton's essay calling for military force against protesters.
Critics aren't happy with the paper's coverage of the president's threat to use the military in U.S. cities.
The Sunday paper lists the names and lives of nearly 1,000 victims, which only represent around 1% of the total death toll in the U.S.
The "Cravings" author had been criticized by the food columnist, who then apologized.
The newspaper said its investigation into the sexual assault accusation "made no conclusion either way" about its truth.