The New York Times

Reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly said that Justice Brett Kavanaugh agreed to speak to them as long as they publicly said he declined the interview.
A reporter owns up to writing the "misworded" post that described an act of sexual misconduct as seemingly "harmless fun."
The newspaper deleted a tweet saying an alleged act of sexual misconduct by the future Supreme Court justice "may seem like harmless fun."
Two New York Times reporters said they learned of the unreported claim while investigating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for an upcoming book.
The New York Times columnist emailed the boss of a professor who insulted him in a tweet, but claims he didn't want to get him fired.
The president said the paper — which recently reported a spike in revenue and strong readership — would be "out of business soon after I leave office."
“After 3 years I almost got a good headline from the Times!” he said after the paper altered how it described his response to mass shootings over the weekend.
"You’re supposed to be the paper of record, not the paper of record scratches," said the host of NBC's "Late Night."
A federal appeals court has revived the suit after a lower court dismissed it in 2017.
Trump's hometown tabloid cut to the chase with its blistering cover.
Some Twitter users even said they were canceling their subscriptions to The New York Times.
Eugenics, pseudoscience and dinner parties with Nobel laureates.
The Minnesota lawmaker said Trump's campaign rally in which his supporters chanted to "send her back" will be "a defining moment" in U.S. history.
The president denied the paper's report about nightmarish conditions at a Clint, Texas, facility.
Trump needs to find "the will and capacity to climb down" from a conflict he created, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations wrote.
The publisher of The New York Times is taking the president to task for ramping up his rhetoric against the newspaper.
The newspaper shot back that Trump's own officials made clear they had no security concerns about the article.
The Democratic congresswoman said she had to make a "heartbreaking decision" in an op-ed for The New York Times.