Get Ready! Mormon LGBT Superheroes Could Soon Be A Reality

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A groundbreaking new comic book that features a gay, Mormon superhero was released to great acclaim earlier this year.

Stripling Warrior is a queer comic project from Brian Andersen meant, in part, to give queer people who have felt marginalized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a character they could connect with. Now, Andersen is launching a Kickstarter campaign to expand both the storyline and the breadth of characters in Striping Warrior to include not only gay but also lesbian, trans, bi and asexual Mormon heroes.

“As a gay Mormon myself who’s felt the sting of my Mormon faith’s anti-LGBT policies, it’s super important to have representation,”Andersen told The Huffington Post. “The Mormon culture is pretty much all or nothing ― either you fall in line and follow the leaders (who are called Prophets, Seers and Revelators) or, as Heidi Klum sternly and dismissively declares, you’re out! No one should feel such deep, hopeless despair because of their religion. Despair like this is the antithesis of everything Jesus Christ taught. So, if my little indie comic book story ― slightly gimmicky and satirical though it may be ― can shed a little light on anyone suffering, even if but for a moment, then I will have succeeded.”

Head here to check out the Stripling Warrior Kickstarter or here to read Anderson’s previous interview with HuffPost.