Make A Fun Light Up 'Sleepover" Headboard For Your Guest Bedroom

And, reminisce on your childhood.

Some of our fondest memories from childhood are of having good old-fashioned sleepovers with friends. Remember when the highlight of your week was Friday night, when a friend or two would come over to watch movies, eat ice cream, gossip and stay the night? Well, we've finally found a way to bring the magic of slumber parties back into our adult lives!

With this light-up headboard from A Beautiful Mess, you can transform your guest room into a fun sleepover central. The marquee-esque letters welcome guests to your home and invite them to have an enjoyable time.

After building a wooden headboard, you'll need to trace your chosen font onto the surface. By drilling holes along the words, you'll make a space for the little lights to shine through from the back. That way, all the cords are hidden and all your guests can see are the bright and bold letters that greet them when they walk into their room.

To check out the step-by-step tutorial, head over to A Beautiful Mess.

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