Lindsay Lohan Trespasser; Cops Called, Unidentified Man Arrested For Refusing To Leave

Lonnie Short is the name of the man that was arrested on Lindsay Lohan's property, TMZ has learned. The older man is being held on $1,000 bail. For photos of the arrest and more information about Short, head over to TMZ.com

It's never a dull moment for Lindsay Lohan.

Police arrived at the Venice Beach home of the actress after an unidentified man, who apparently arrived around 6:30pm Sunday evening, knocked on her door and would not leave.

According to TMZ, after Lohan answered the door asking what the gentleman wanted, he only responded that he needed to speak with her, and refused to leave her property.

It is not clear how the police were alerted to the situation, but arrived at Lohan's home shortly after the incident began and detained the individual. According to TMZ, he is being held for trespassing and booked by authorities.

Lohan stayed in California to ring in the New Year despite early reports that she'd be hosting a party in Dubai. The 25-year-old star quickly denied the stories saying she remains focused on her probation.