Lindsay Lohan

Lyrics include: "Would you like to sit next to me/ When you kiss me, I can’t breathe."
"G'day, mates," the actress says in an Instagram video.
There's no love lost between the heiress and the actress, even after all these years.
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The "Mean Girls" star says she's "learned" from the disturbing viral video.
The spokeswoman wrote on Instagram about her "dream" role with Streep.
In a recent interview, the actress said women "look weak" when they share stories of sexual misconduct.
The actress said she’s “very supportive of women,” although she doesn’t like “attention-seekers."
These frenemies take us right back to those hated low-rise jeans days.
The long-awaited sequel to the Disney Channel movie is apparently happening with a new star.
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"My shaman told me it was good luck and positive energy. So God bless."