Lindsey Stirling and Otto Knows Premiere Their Future EDM Smash "Dying For You"

If you were looking for a pick-me-up tune for your Monday morning, Lindsey Stirling and producer Otto Knows may have just what you need.

"Dying For You" is a collaboration between the two that is meaningful and explosive, while simulatenously making for an great excuse to dance. It's tough to create something that hits all of those notes and that does all of those things at once, but the pair, along with vocalist Alex Aris, have managed to do so in a production that is so catchy, it seems effortless.

The song is a nostalgic affair, with Aris reminiscing on past summer nights and the love that the two shared, which he still claims. The newcomer's high-pitched and wistful voice is perfect for the cut, which makes you feel a lot more than you might have expected from a dance track.

It isn't until the chorus that Stirling's presence is felt, but when she comes in, she hits hard. Her expert playing melds perfectly with the electronic production, and it's difficult to separate the two, which is rather the point. Stirling has always been a unique figure in the music scene, as she can use a traditionally classical instrument to produce very modern music, and "Dying For You" is just the latest such example.

The track is a fun play on the typical EDM banger, as instead of highly-produced synths during the breakdown and chorus, there's a beautiful string arrangement...backed of course by plenty of help from Otto Knows.

It may only be February, but "Dying For You" has a pretty good chance of becoming an EDM festival favorite by this summer.