Lisa Frank's First On-Camera Interview Is Amazing

All Your Childhood Fantasies Are About To Come True

If you ever had a Trapper Keeper and a vivid imagination, your childhood was likely adorned with the iconic visuals of a rainbow art wizard named Lisa Frank. No nineties nostalgia-fest would be complete without mentioning her fantastical illustrations where tropical teddy bears don tuxedos and pastel dolphins contort their bodies into hearts.

The notoriously private artist recently allowed Urban Outfitters to craft a short film at her headquarters in Tuscon, Arizona. The short, directed by Scott Ross & Karl Beyer, features Frank's first ever on-camera interview, although the artist only reveals her silhouette to best maintain her privacy.

Watch the legend speak on the madness of her bejeweled artistic legacy, from the fireproof vault containing every Lisa Frank product ever made to the process of creating the magical world of Lisa Frank. Basically all your childhood dreams are about to come true.

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