Madoff Employees Still Being Paid Despite Nothing To Do

Madoff Employees Still Being Paid Despite Nothing To Do

The New York Post reports that employees of disgraced billionaire Bernard Madoff are still showing up to work, and getting paid for it, despite there being no work to do. As one employee puts it, everyone is just hanging around waiting to receive word that they're all officially fired:

Every day, dozens of employees of swindler Bernard Madoff's firm report to their Mid town offices. They're still paid - but they do no work.

The phones at Madoff Securities are turned off. The few computers that re main aren't plugged in.

"It's pretty bad," one em ployee said. "We can't con duct any business. We basically get there at 9, hang around, and go home at 5. It's surreal. It's also scary, because we don't know what's going on.

Investors who once begged Madoff to manage their money are now reduced to hocking the swag they received as from the former billionaire. Hats, tote bags, flashlights, all of it bearing the name of a man no one wants to be associated with anymore, are being sold for whatever people can get for them.

We imagine these swindled investors would like Madoff's employees to stop being paid for cooling their heels.

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