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Man Masturbates While Holding Cucumber At Library: Cops

Check this guy out!

Fredrick Tennyson Davis, 49, is accused of committing "an indecent act" in a Toronto library while holding a cucumber in one hand and his own cucumber in the other.

Police say the act occurred at Agincourt Library on April 7, but Davis got away at the time. However, on May 31, when Davis allegedly showed up again with another cucumber in tow, someone at the library was quick to call the cops, according to a news release from the Toronto Police Service.

Sun News asked Constable David Hopkinson if Davis threatened anyone at the library, and Hopkinson replied, "I don't think he had any free hands to make any threat."

Davis is charged with one indecent act count and two counts of failure to comply with probation, according to City News Toronto.

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