Man Dressed As Giant Testicles Runs The London Marathon For A Good Cause

Man Dressed As Giant Testicles Runs The London Marathon

Jack Woodward never needs to be told to grow a pair.

The 22-year-old British student just completed Sunday's London Marathon dressed as a giant pair of testicles.

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While his time of 5 hours, 45 minutes and 6 seconds didn't burn up the course, Woodward is a winner just the same. He ran in the goofy getup to raise awareness of testicular cancer after close friend Rob Harris died of the disease at age 21 last year, according to Woodward's JustGiving page.

Woodward told the Portsmouth News that he wanted to remind young men to examine themselves regularly.

"We really want to get this message across and hope by running in the costume that more people will notice the cause and think about the message," he said before the race.

The charity page for Woodward, who is participating in a series of events as the "Mr. Testicles" Male Cancer Awareness Campaign mascot, set a goal of $7,616 (5,000 pounds) and had collected $5,575 dollars as of Monday afternoon.

From the pictures below, it looks like he drew plenty of attention to a worthy cause.

Well done, Jack.

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