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Manuel Reija Gonzalez Turns In Lost Lottery Ticket Worth $6.3 Million (VIDEO)

This story of honesty is almost too incredible to believe.

This week, a man in Spain found a winning lottery ticket sold in June 2012 but he decided not to claim the prize for himself.

Euronews reports that in the Spanish coastal city of La Coruna, Manuel Reija Gonzalez, a lottery ticket seller, was cleaning out a lost property box when he came across an old ticket.

Gonzalez ran the ticket through the system and found out it had an unclaimed prize of $6.27 million, according to the Spanish daily La Voz de Galicia.

Gonzalez immediately turned the ticket in to local authorities in hopes of finding the actual winner.

Fortunately though, there's still a chance that Gonzalez will be rewarded for his honesty. If the prize remains unclaimed after two years, all the winnings will go to him.

When La Voz asked if he could've kept the ticket for himself, he replied: "Never, ever. I could not sleep."

Just two weeks ago, a man in Chicago found an old lottery ticket worth $1 million while cleaning out his glove box.

A Mass. couple had to go digging through their trash in July when they found out the ticket they'd thrown away was worth $455,000.

Moral of the story: If you have any old lottery tickets, double check to make sure you're not a millionaire!

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