Marc Maron Fact-Checks His Wikipedia Entry On WBEZ (VIDEO)

Marc Maron is enjoying a resurgence of popularity lately thanks to his podcast "WTF," but that's not to say that misconceptions about Maron and his career don't exist. His own Wikipedia page even includes some falsehoods, or at the very least, exaggerations about his life.

But recently, Maron sat down at WBEZ in Chicago to clear up some of those misconceptions as a part of their Wikipedia Files podcast, where they "fact-check the Wikipedia pages to the stars."

"WTF" has recently made the jump from podcast to the airwaves, after it was broadcast on a few public radio stations (in edited form) including WBEZ.

Check out this video of Maron explaining some of the stories behind his life and his multi-decade spanning career in comedy, radio and the entertainment industry at large. (And for the record, Maron was never on "The Patty Duke Show.")