Marsee Strong and Edward Bailey Arrested After Naked, Malnourished, Bruised Son Found In Street

North Miami Beach Police report that neighbors found a naked 9-year-old boy wandering the streets at NE 152nd Avenue and 14th Avenue.

Wearing no clothes, he had jumped out of a window at his home and was outside begging for food, according to WSVN 7.

Police arrested his parents, Marsee Strong and Edward Bailey, on two counts of aggravated abuse and neglect of a child.

The arrest affidavit obtained by Channel 10 said the boy "appeared to be extremely abused with permanent marks of abuse all over his body."

When he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, the report cites that the 9-year-old weighed only 35 pounds, and his hands and feet were swollen from malnutrition. He told hospital staff that he had not eaten in three days.

NBC Miami reports that at this week's hearing, Judge Cindy Lederman said the boy looked like he "came from Auschwitz" after seeing photos of his emaciated frame.

A therapist who had been involved with the boy testified that the medicine he takes for psychosis causes him the lose weight.

According to the arrest report, Strong denied physically abusing the boy, but admitted to "failing to protect him from others and not getting him medical treatment in a timely manner."

Strong is being held for $6,500 bond and Bailey for $6,000.