Martha Stewart: 'Law And Order: SVU' Role Is Invigorating

EXCLUSIVE: Martha Stewart Talks 'Invigorating' 'SVU'

Martha Stewart's "Law & Order: SVU" role is one that comes very natural to her. The TV veteran appears in "Learning Curve" (Wed., May 9, 10 p.m. ET on NBC) as the head mistress of a girl's school, and in this exclusive behind the scenes interview, Stewart explained why.

"I'm really a teacher on TV, the host of a show," Stewart said. "So it's kind of always invigorating and yet nerve-racking to play a dramatic part."

In the episode, Detective Tutuola's (Ice-T) son's fiance is assaulted by a street gang. He's the latest victim in a string of recent hate crimes against gay men. The SVU squad springs into action, but a private school teacher ("Arrested Development's" Tony Hale) is attacked, breaking the pattern. Is it a cover up? "Hung's" Jane Adams also guest stars in the twisted episode that only "SVU" could deliver.

"This is my first time on 'Law & Order,'" Stewart said. "They called and I accepted. I've been a big fan of Dick Wolf and the entire 'Law & Order' series ever since he started it. Dick's actually a friend."

New "SVU" star Kelli Giddish recently talked to HuffPost TV about working with Stewart. "She was great! She came in and took a crapload of pictures of everybody -- the crew and the cast. And she was really happy to be there," Giddish said. "Your eyes kind of brighten when you hear that someone kind of off the wall is in the episode. You're like, "Great! I can't wait for that day!" She was very gracious and very happy to be there." Unfortunately, however, she did not bake cookies for the cast and crew. Maybe next time!

Check out the video for more on Stewart's big "SVU" appearance.

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