Martha Stewart Appeared In A 1956 Unilever Soap Commercial (VIDEO)

WATCH: Martha Stewart Stars In 1956 Commercial

Looks like Martha Stewart was always the busy, active person we know and love today.

At least that's the character she played in a commercial for Unilever soap in 1956. The black-and-white clip resurfaced on Wednesday after being shown at an Interpublic Group of Companies' event in Cannes. A 15-year-old Martha putters around the house with a much-older-looking actor, as a voiceover touts the benefits of "spice-fragrant" Unilever soap for "busy, active people."

Our favorite part is when Martha and her co-star get their nuzzle on (did you know you could nuzzle on TV like that in 1956?), possible, of course, because they've odor-proofed their bodies. Stewart joked with AdAge, "Did he smell or did I smell?" noting, "It was done on Shelter Island....I took off two days from school, I had a chaperone."

And thus marked the beginning of her brief but impressive modeling career. You know, before she became a home and garden guru. But who would really expect less from the woman who does it all?


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