Martha Stewart

The OG lifestyle influencer responded to online skeptics.
The lifestyle mogul made history as the oldest woman to grace the cover of the Swimsuit Issue. But her remarks about beauty are troubling.
The 81-year-old lifestyle guru sported a number of wearable bathing suits in her 'Sports Illustrated' editorial. We tracked most of them down, along with some affordable options.
“I started a small business, and look what happened,” wrote the lifestyle guru of her new curated collection partnership with Etsy.
Stewart also detailed the origin of her nativity set during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.
Stewart's remarks came after the pop diva and self-proclaimed "Queen of Christmas" declared Nov. 1 to be the start of the holiday season.
The lifestyle doyenne uttered a double entendre about the former "Saturday Night Live" star that perked up the host.
Whether it’s Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner meeting in Game of Thrones auditions, Titanic making BFFs out of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, or John Travolta and his buddy Pitbull getting matching hairstyles, Hollywood has formed some of the strongest - and most unlikely - friendships.
The “Martha Knows Best” star addressed the misplaced tune in her tribute post to the peafowl who were "devoured" by coyotes.