4-Year-Old's Paper Dresses Get Oscar Fabulous

And Now, The Oscar Dresses You Were REALLY Waiting For

If you haven't become acquainted with 4-year-old "Mayhem" yet, here's a quick refresher: She is a regular kid with a regular mom who happens to make some of the coolest dresses we've ever seen, entirely out of paper.

For inspiration, her mom Angie will sometimes show Mayhem looks from the red carpet. So, we were very excited to see what the duo would make the day after this weekend's Oscars. Clearly, we were not alone. Late Monday afternoon, Angie posted the photo below on Instagram, and over 28,000 people liked it. She asked her followers to guess which celebrity Mayhem was channeling.

The answer was Jada Pinkett Smith, who wore a gorgeous pink Versace gown. But wait, where were the nominees? That's all we got? Harumph.

Noooo, that would be silly.

The Jada dress was just a preview. Mayhem was secretly making three more looks for "The Ellen Show" website. Phew.

Now, mom has finally posted a collage of all of Mayhem's 2014 red carpet looks -- inspired by Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong'o, Jada, and yes, Ellen herself -- on Instagram. They certainly deserve a standing ovation:

Angie explained on her blog, Fashion By Mayhem, that despite their recent fame, the duo will continue to operate how they usually do -- in a cozy space, making dresses when they feel like it. She knew the fans would be expecting Oscar looks, but Angie hasn't lost sight of what the project is really about. "I won’t force her to make anything she doesn’t want to. And we won’t put any deadlines on making them. Because I’m pretty sure that might just suck the fun right out of this," she wrote.

So what else has Mayhem been having fun with lately? Oh, not much...

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