McDonald's Chef: 'I Don't See Anything On The Menu That's Unhealthy'

Lisa Abraham of the Akron Beacon Journal recently heard Chef Daniel Coudreaut, senior director of culinary innovation for McDonald’s USA, speak about the McDonald's menu. Coudreaut discussed questions related to obesity, and children's diets, and then flat out said:

"I don't see anything on the menu that's unhealthy."

Coudreaut explained that his children eat at McDonald's about once a week, as does Coudreaut, who enjoys a Big Mac. He also defends McNuggets claiming they are merely "forcemeat."

Called the most powerful chef in America by several publications, Coudreaut is indirectly responsible for millions of Americans' meals every month. In Abraham's article, she mentions some of Coudreaut's successes -- smoothies with real fruit, apple slices in Happy Meals and smaller orders of french fries. He's perhaps most proud of the oatmeal.

But are there unhealthy items on the menu? Last time we checked, McDonald's french fries or double quarter pounder with cheese were not topping any dieters good-to-eat list.

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