Teen Who Shot 'Me Driving Like An Idiot' Video Arrested For Driving Like Idiot: Cops

A Florida teen was arrested Friday, days after police say he uploaded a video titled "Me Driving Like An Idiot" to YouTube.

The video, which police say was shot on April 28, allegedly shows 18-year-old Robert Charles Kelley of New Smyrna Beach running red lights and weaving in and out of traffic before striking another car with his 1994 Honda, the News-Journal Online reported.

The driver featured in the video is then seen fleeing the scene of the crash, then ramming into three more cars stopped at a red light. Techno music plays in the background throughout the video.

After the second crash, police say Kelley suffered serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

"He had to be extracted from his vehicle," New Smyrna Beach Police Master Sgt Eugene Griffith told WESH. ""They had to cut him out of his vehicle."

Kelley has never been issued a driver's license, according to police.

"Me Driving Like An Idiot" was uploaded to YouTube the day after the crashes, while Kelley was still in the hospital.

Three other people were injured in the crashes, though non suffered life-threatening injuries.

"It appears to be an accurate account of that day," Griffith told WFTV.

Police waited until Friday to arrest Kelley because of the nature of his injuries. He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, reckless driving and driving without a license.

Clips from the video can be seen above, though the original has been removed from YouTube.