This Huge Bed Allows Couple To Cuddle With Their 8 Rescue Dogs

Sweet dreams!

This is the definition of sleeping tight. 

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, founders of a senior dog rescue group called The Mr. Mo Project, sleep on a ginormous 14-foot-long “megabed.” It was created so that the couple’s eight rescue pups can snuggle with them comfortably, they told 

The pair, who live in Clifton Park, New York, say that the sleeping arrangement is a big hit among their pets. 

“They love it. They love to just be near us,” Mariesa told ABC News. “So however we can make that happen, they’re happy.”

The Hughes’ bed, which is seven feet wide, cost a total of $4,800 to create. It’s comprised of a king-sized mattress along with a full-sized one turned sideways. There’s also an enormous headboard and a set of steps on the side of the megabed so it’s not as challenging for the senior pooches to climb up to their cuddle spots. 

The designs on the bed are awesome, too. Mike Ford, a furniture maker who was tasked with building the megabed, even engraved his late dog’s paw prints into the headboard, ABC News noted.

Mariesa explained that before they got their giant bed, the couple had issues sleeping, especially as they had to accommodate all their pooches. 

“Most mornings, I wake up and feel like I need a hip replacement trying to sleep around all these dogs,” she told Inside Edition. “But, we want them to sleep with us.”

Now, the dogs love their sleeping arrangement, and so does the couple. 

It’s no surprise the pair would do all they can to make their pups feel most comfy. Their nonprofit, after all, does help rescue senior dogs from shelters and owner surrenders. Once dogs come into the group’s program, they are financially covered for life.