'Melissa & Joey': Marla Sokoloff Guests As A Virgin Who's Ready To Go All The Way With Joe (VIDEO)

If the two leads on "Melissa & Joey" don't make fans think of classic '90s sitcoms, they added a third for this week's episode. Joe found a new love interest, and it was none other than Marla Sokoloff. Sokoloff played Stephanie's rival/best friend, Gia Mahan, on "Full House."

While she was a bit of a bad girl on that show, she proved to be way more of a good girl than Joe ever expected. After getting challenged by Mel to not have sex right away in every new relationship, Joe tried taking it slow. Marla's character, Chelsea, couldn't believe he was so different from most men. She then revealed that she was still a virgin.

“I just always thought my first time would be more meaningful if I waited for the perfect man. So, I hope you’re cool with waiting," she told him.

“I love waiting!" Joey lied. "I’m a master waiter.”

The added pressure became too much for Joe, but he surprised himself even more when Chelsea suddenly decided she was ready to have sex. She was waiting for the right guy to spend her life with, and he wasn't certain he was that guy. What to do?

Sokoloff isn't the only '90s flashback scheduled for the sitcom. "American Pie" star Shannon Elizabeth will show up later this season, as well.

Meanwhile, "Melissa & Joey" continue to not be together, even though everyone knows they'll wind up that way, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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