Mexico Drug War Violence Used As Pretext For Indigenous Community Repression (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

WATCH:Looks At The Hidden War Behind Mexico's Drug Violence

Mexico's grisly drug violence may dominate global headlines, but for many locals, a lesser-known, lower intensity war is also being waged.

In the second installment of al Jazeera's "Fault Lines" current affairs show, reporter Josh Rushing travels to the state of Guerrero to investigate claims that Mexican security forces are using the area's "narco-economy" as a pretext to repress indigenous and campesino communities.

As Rushing finds, there are countless mysterious cases of alleged "extra judicial" killings and other abuses by Mexican military and police forces which continue to go unchecked.

Check out Rushing's full report from Guerrero state on "Fault Lines" below (WARNING: contains graphic imagery)

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