Michael Gonzalez, 3-Year-Old With Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, Can't Eat Anything

Three-year-old Michael Gonzalez is running out of time.

According to news reports, the Florida toddler has food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome, a condition that makes him intolerant to milk and soy. NBC News reported that his symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea so severe that he becomes dehydrated.

His particular case is so serious that the only food he can consume is a formula called Neocate Junior, ABC News reported.

But the formula has recently undergone a packaging overhaul, which the manufacturer says doesn't affect the actual ingredients in the formula, Fox 4 News reported.

But Gonzalez's parents say that for some reason, their son is having negative reactions to the new "version" of the formula, and they are now stockpiling the pre-packaging-overhaul formula for their son, according to ABC News.

The only problem? The old "version" of the formula is expiring soon.

"These old label cans he can have, they expire October 28, 2013, when they expire so will he," Jennifer Gonzalez, Michael's mother, told NBC News.

The manufacturer released a statement to Fox 4 News, saying:

"We have not changed our formulation. We have consulted with the FDA and have also undertaken additional tests internally and with independent, external groups to conform the product formulation is indeed the one we have always used. We have offered the Gonzalez family our full support."

According to the FPIES Foundation, food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome is a type of food allergy that manifests with symptoms shortly after a child ingests the allergy-provoking food. Besides vomiting and diarrhea, other symptoms can include lethargy, changes in blood pressure and even the appearance of blue or pale skin color.

For more on Gonzalez, watch the video above.

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