Hilarious Video Perfectly Calls Out Misogyny In The Gay Community

"You're talking to us like a lot of straight men do."

Misogyny in the gay community has never been a laughing matter... until Michael Henry got his hands on it.

In his latest video, the wickedly funny comedian tackles gay men who think they can’t be misogynists because they’re gay ― “we’re more feminine than you!” ― and feel completely comfortable (and even entitled) to make comments about women’s bodies and lives because they’ve been “put down, devalued and judged too.”

But as Henry and co-star Maxwell Esposito soon learn ― thanks to some much needed schooling by Carly-Ann Giene and Nicole Dubois ― just because gay men and women might be “sisters” in some ways, in many other ways gay men benefit from privileges that women do not.

“Gay men don’t understand all of what it takes to be a woman and what injustices they may feel or have to go through through out their day,” Henry told HuffPost. “And just because we feel comfortable enough with our femininity and our female friends doesn’t mean we get a free pass to say some inappropriate things.”

Ultimately, Henry hopes that the video might get people to think a little differently. “Maybe they’ll watch this video and think, Wow, I’ve talked like this and it doesn’t look right,” he said.

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