Microsoft Has A Holiday Serenade For Its Apple Store Rivals

New ad shows a heartwarming moment between the two frenemies.

If Microsoft can't have peace on Earth, maybe at least peace with Apple will do. 

Microsoft's newest holiday ad, set to air on TV on Thursday, features employees of the company's newest store in New York marching five blocks up Fifth Avenue with members of a local children's choir to pay the flagship Apple Store a visit. 

What unfolds is a heartwarming moment between the two longtime corporate frenemies as the Microsoft employees stand outside the Apple Store and sing "Let There be Peace on Earth."

So how did the Apple Store employees react? Check it out in the clip above. 

Microsoft's Kathleen Hall told AdAge that because of New York's security rules, they had to get permission from Apple to film in front of their store. But while Apple did give permission, they didn't know what the commercial would entail.

CNN said the commercial was filmed on Nov. 16, shortly after Microsoft opened its Fifth Avenue store.

"It was a fitting welcome to the neighborhood by Apple and a warm celebration to begin the holiday season," a Microsoft spokesman told the network. "The song's message of hope and empowerment resonated strongly with the participants and crowd alike during this particularly emotional time of year."


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