Midway Airport Security Line Reportedly Over 1 Mile Long

Chicago Airport's Security Line Was Reportedly Over 1 Mile Long

Holiday travelers faced a literal nightmare on Sunday morning when the line for security checks at Midway Airport in Chicago was reportedly over a mile long.

KOMO reporter Denise Whitaker said that the line was 1.2 miles long. An airport spokespersonsaid that she wasn't surprised by the crowds.

“This happens sometimes,” Chicago Aviation Department rep. Karen Pride told the Chicago Sun-Times. “There was a period of time earlier this morning, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., that lines were long because that is when most people are traveling for the holiday period.”

Twitter users posted pictures of the hellish scene. The end of the line was literally outside of the airport.

Back of the line? I don't think I'm at the airport anymore pic.twitter.com/doiCcSqvnB

— Brian B (@bblach99) November 30, 2014

Twitter user TumbleDry said that it took 75 minutes to get through the line. According to ABC7 Chicago, the airport cleared up by 9 A.M.

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