'Missing': Ashley Judd And Cliff Curtis Preview Their Globe-Trotting New Mystery Show (VIDEO)

Ashley Judd Dishes On Her New Show 'Missing'

"Missing" (premieres Thurs., Mar. 15, 8 p.m. EST on ABC) asks the question: Is there anything you wouldn't do to protect your family?

On the new series, Ashley Judd stars as Becca Winstone, a single mother left widowed after her husband CIA agent Paul Winstone (Sean Bean) is murdered right in front of their eight-year-old son, Michael (Nick Eversman). Now, her son is all grown up and, at 18, wants to travel the world and study abroad. When he disappears, Becca heads to Rome to investigate things herself, and that's where the adventure begins. Paul wasn't the only CIA agent in the family -- Becca is soon calling on old agency friends and hitting roadblocks along the way (like Dax Miller, played by Cliff Curtis) as she travels across Europe to get her son back.

I sat down with Judd and Curtis to talk about the show's international cast, exotic locations (they shot all over Europe, from Italy to Croatia), the very action-packed fight scenes and the toughest stunt they had to pull off.

Watch the interview to find out more ...

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