Excited Elementary Schooler To Mitt Romney: 'I Just Saw You On TV!'

Mitt Romney got a reception usually reserved for Justin Bieber during a surprise stop Monday at a Fairfield, Va., elementary school.

Students at the school ran out to see the GOP presidential nominee when his campaign bus unexpectedly turned around to visit the school, after its occupants waved at students while driving by. Three little girls were especially excited to see the presidential hopeful, according to a pool report.

"I just saw you on TV!" said one girl, who was struggling to talk because she was so excited to see Romney, according to pool reporter Holly Bailey of Yahoo.

Three little girls in the front could barely contain themselves, looking at Romney as though he were a modern day pop star. They were red-faced and letting out loud gasps and giggles.

Romney and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), who was also on the bus, laughed and shook hands with some of the students. Romney reportedly told the kids his favorite year in school was fourth grade.

McDonnell gave them some advice, according to the pool report.

"Listen to your teacher now," he said. "And you will grow up to be successful."

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