Mitt Romney

Romney has given Democrats their best hope of resurrecting the enhanced child tax credit.
The Republican senator from Utah says he has no interest in pursuing a third presidential campaign.
Sen. Mitt Romney says former President Donald Trump would win the 2024 GOP nomination if he runs.
And God wants Mitt Romney out of the Senate, Stone insisted God very specifically told him.
It's a striking change in tone for the senator, who has been one of the few Republicans willing to work with Democrats.
22 Minutes' Mark Critch hits the road to check in on the Republican candidates in South Carolina.
The Utah Republican stayed behind with Democrats to celebrate the historic moment of putting the first Black woman onto the Supreme Court.
The Utah senator is supporting President Joe Biden's Supreme Court nominee after voting against her for a lower court position last year.
The extremist Republican's attack on three colleagues was beyond the pale to many critics on Twitter.
Former President Donald Trump's America First approach "frightens" fellow NATO members, the GOP senator warned.