Mitt Romney

The Republican senator said the move was “unprecedented."
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“We need to stand up and say, ‘Black lives matter,’” said the senator and 2012 GOP presidential nominee, one of the few prominent Republicans to support the protests.
Republican lawmakers who fear reprisals from the president and his supporters reacted to Jim Mattis' letter excoriating the president in familiar ways.
Lori Klausutis was working for Trump critic Joe Scarborough nearly two decades ago when she died suddenly in an accident.
Donald Trump has been touting the number of tests the U.S. administers, but experts say far more are needed to safely reopen the economy.
Under the senator's plan, front-line workers who risk contracting the coronavirus would receive up to $12 more an hour over three months.
The Utah senator was the only Senate Republican excluded from the coronavirus congressional task force for reopening America.
The Utah senator was also the only Senate Republican who voted to convict President Trump during the impeachment trial earlier this year.
The talk show host kept up his hilarious offensive against the "wartime president."