Mitt Romney

The Utah senator refused to answer a reporter's question on if he thought the president was racist.
On Thursday, the president blamed the former House speaker for Romney's electoral defeat seven years ago.
Sen. Mitt Romney said it would be "unthinkable" to pardon service members who were "legitimately convicted of committing war crimes."
The Republican congressman once again made his case after previously tweeting that the president had "engaged in impeachable conduct."
The Utah senator was the one Republican who bucked his party by voting against a Trump judicial pick.
The president's lawyer also called Mitt Romney a "hypocrite" and said the Utah senator should "stop this pious act."
The Utah senator said he was appalled by revelations in the special counsel's report about Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Three GOP senators — Utah’s Mitt Romney, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer — told AP they’d likely vote against Cain.
The senator has also asked for the information, but said he doubts Democrats' recent legal move to get it will work.
He and Marco Rubio laid out the latest GOP effort to attract women with a plan that undercuts Social Security.
The FAA has resisted calls from Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney and others to ground the aircraft until a full investigation is complete.
A tweet featuring a video showing the senator picking candles off his Twinkie birthday cake has gone viral.
Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson reportedly researched the "Morning Joe" co-host while allegedly planning an attack on Democrats and journalists.
The "never Trump" faction of the GOP remains a distinct minority.
Kellyanne Conway's husband shut down Trump with some facts.
The senator-elect wouldn't say why he didn't have a problem when Trump was falsely accusing Barack Obama of being born in Africa.
The senator-elect pledged to “speak out" against "divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive" rhetoric from the Trump administration.